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Lead Section

Lead Lead Range is E♭ to F. The Lead voice is strong, open, and flexible. Ideally, the singer will be a story- teller and his voice will be lyrical with a minimum of vibrato. This is the Ferrari personality: quick, responsive and, oh, so beautiful.

Nigel Endersby
Nigel Endersby
Los Altos
Paul Freudenthal
Paul Freudenthal
San Jose
Kocharhook, Dave
Dave Kocharhook
Mariscal, Joshua
Joshua Mariscal
Maurer, Andy
Andy Maurer
Half Moon Bay
David Menestrina
Palo Alto
Warner, Ed
Ed Warner
San Jose
Wong, Jerry
Jerry Wong
Wooldridge, John
John Wooldridge
Los Altos
Yoder, Sieg
Sieg Yoder
San Jose
Austin Deeter



Tenor Section

Tenor Range is in the B♭ -> B♭ Range. The Tenor Voice is best if it is free, easy, light, and brilliant and has sparkle. The singer will be very sensitive to when the note is most important in the chord. This is the sports car mentality: light, quick and sensitive.

Borrecco, Chuck
Chuck Borrecco
Bunting, Bruce
Bruce Bunting
Castro Valley
Moore, Terry
Terry Moore
Palo Alto
Ward, Al
Al Ward
Los Altos
Weatherford, Dave
Dave Weatherford
Mountain View

Baritone Section

Baritone Range is C to E♭. A great Baritone voice is warm, resonant, and the singer is pitch-aware and flexible. The singer will sing softer when his part is higher than that of the lead and with more resonance when it is lower than the lead’s. Baritones are the Mercedes Benz of the chorus: Smooth, elegant and, oh, so rich.

Harris, Jeff
Jeff Harris
Union City
Howd, Bob
Bob Howd
San Jose
Irvin, Mike
Mike Irvin
Palo Alto
King, Ric
Ric King
San Jose
Morley, Dave
Dave Morley
Munson, Chris
Chris Munson

Sweetkind-Singer, Joshua
San Jose
Wanless, John
John Wanless
Palo Alto
Connor Snell



Bass Section

Bass Range is G♭ (F is called for in I’m Sitting’ on Top of the World ) to B♭. Ideally, the voice is rich, resonant, round, tall and ever-present. The singer can manage the voice with skill from low to high without changing voice quality or placement. Basses are the stretch HumVee limousines of the chorus.

Avila, Roman
Roman Avila
San Jose
David Braunstein
Mountain View
Chase, Dana
Dana Chase
Los Gatos
Faught, Bill
Bill Faught
Gates, William
William Gates
Hinkle, John
John Hinkle
San Jose
Jones, John
John Jones
San Jose
Laurence, Bert
Bert Laurence
Palo Alto
Greg LeBlanc
San Jose


Logan, Butch
Butch Logan
Mountain View


Sherman, Jim
Jim Sherman
San Jose


Thompson, Chuck
Chuck Thompson


Turner, Jim
Jim Turner


Mark Tabry


Art White


Addison Snell


Coaching Staff


Abel, Sean
Sean Abel
San Jose
Eastman, Paul
Paul Eastman