Peninsulaires Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Recognizes contributions above and beyond for a sustained period over the years. For example, the recipient has held multiple elective or musical positions, created and ran projects that generated revenue and musical success over the years, or  a quartet that contributed to the chapter in major ways. Inductees are elected by vote of all previous Hall of Fame members.

2013 Dave Kocharhook "The Anchor"
2012 Mark Torrance "A Man for All Sections"
2010 Jim Sherman "Treasured Bass"
2006 Chuck Thompson "Sings Bass and A Whole Lot More"
2004 Chuck Borrecco "Mister Everything"
2002 Dale Biggs "Master Song Leader"
1999 Dave Morley "Share the Joy"
1998 Pacific Sounds Quartet "They Sang and Served" (Carl Truman, Ron Skillicorn, John Jones, & Jerry Valencia)
1997 Bob Morrison "Can Do & Does"
1996 Steve Sammonds "Director-Showman"
1995 John Howe "Musical Detailman"
1993 John Jones "5-4-3-2-1"
1989 Bert Laurence "Mr. Reliable"
1986 Arnie Olds "Kansas City Chief"
Sam Gonzales "Magic Hands"
1985 Paul Eastman "The Crafts-Man"
1984 Alan Burt "Impresario"
John Williams "Professor"
1983 Ed Ford "Quartet Man"
1982 Rick Leal "Pres. '74, '75, '76, '83"
1981 Paul Engel "Arranged By …"
1980 Lee Cashion "Chorus Manager"
1979 Jerry Orloff "Man of Note"
Wayne Mansfield "Song & Dance Man"
1978 Bob Allen "PR Ambassador & Past President 1967"
Bill Lutticken "Inspirational & Eloquent" & Past President 1972 & 1973
The San Francisco Storm Door & Whale Oil Company "Far Western District Champions 1975" (Wayne Mansfield, Don Gubbins, Jim Sherman, Bill Tieberg)